Monday, June 15, 2009

you are so wicked!

You are so wicked –
showing yourself as a woman
and always maddening me with impossible

Wanting what I can’t give, don’t have,
never letting up, knowing all
my secrets.

Being there so scantily dressed,
nipples so cheekily pointing
at my face!

And not only that, but standing there
with naked feet, beseeching eyes,
knowing my weakness.

So small, such power in your shape,
hips and waist sending flames of desire
across my hopeless brain!

When I embrace you I hold you
like a fragile flower, when in reality
what I want

is to join myself to you so intimately
no-one seeing us could tell where one ends
and the other begins,

I want to crush you into me with gentle hands
and me into you with love and lust
combined in sensual tenderness.

Merging, sharing, holding, kissing, stroking,
thrusting, entering, yielding
in one accord.

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