Monday, June 15, 2009

love matters

Love matters

Science is great, exploration and discovery, new worlds:
music gives most of us pleasure, lightens our spirits:
art and good books delight many, even cold marble can
inspire admiration, dreams, erotic fantasies,
while good food and friendly company warm our being.

But none of these compare with Love. Love warms the heart
smooths the difficult path, eases pain of all kinds
lights the way and thaws cold blood, helps us withstand
whatever shocks an unfeeling world may throw our way,
and at its best opens a whole new world of ecstasy and joy.

What’s best about love is, no matter how much you give
you don’t run out. The more you can give the more you have.
Forget the fools and idiots who say that you can love just one,
no more. What a dreary world we’d have if that was so! –
all locked in pairs, or else alone – what kind of life is that?

No! Give Love, receive Love, enjoy Love with one or many
and pity the poor loser who chooses not to have any!

© MM 28.3.08

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