Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I don't need to be loved

I don’t need to be loved, though it helps.

My certain feeling that I love, and that it’s not a futile thing

or wasted in the emptiness of her not knowing

means that I think of it with joy. My heart

is filled with love, and I feel good about it.

If she was not there, and real, and lovable,

then I would not have the feeling,

but I do, and it is good!

Love is a natural, healthy state, and one I know,

which brings me happiness and has no need

for more, that she may not have to give.

© MM 2.9.2009

life is a tide

Life is a tide that rises and falls

and god how good it feels when it’s at the full

but then it retreats to the edges of the world

and all that can be seen is a barren plain

where dead fish and the wrecks of boats and

empty bottles and rusted bicycles lie abandoned

on a plain of grayish mud that stretches further

that the eye can see.

Then it turns and creeps back into view

to swirl with a rush of beery foam back around your feet

throwing small shells and shining pebbles

on to the gleaming sand, and best of all

a wonderful scent of love and salt and other things

that make you close your eyes and breathe

as deeply as you can of the freshness and joy

of the tide of life!

© MM 6.9.2009

Friday, September 4, 2009

The Gibbous Moon

The gibbous Moon peeps through confining slats
as black clouds, white-edged, slide silently across her face.
Her mystery increased by this concealment,
she knows the cloud to be ephemeral, while her face lasts
and will in time shine full upon the naked Earth
as is her wont for at least four billion years.
She is the mistress of the tides, where ever sea meets shore
and though the puissant Sun rules all, she too plays her part
in shaping a world of blue and green and brown and white
so different from her dead surface with its scars and wounds,
that looms unchanging in our skies with its dreadful face
that warns us we must never let it happen here.

© MM 11.7.2009

will you not my leman be?

will you not my leman be
and ride with me the tossing seas of love
and towering waves of lust
that we may find within each others’ arms?
my strength and your beauty
will take us on a journey to the stars
a rocket flight we’ll not forget
despite its short duration…
maybe we’ll not notice the burst of fireworks
lighting up the sky because we’ll be aware
of nothing but each other!