Tuesday, September 8, 2009

life is a tide

Life is a tide that rises and falls

and god how good it feels when it’s at the full

but then it retreats to the edges of the world

and all that can be seen is a barren plain

where dead fish and the wrecks of boats and

empty bottles and rusted bicycles lie abandoned

on a plain of grayish mud that stretches further

that the eye can see.

Then it turns and creeps back into view

to swirl with a rush of beery foam back around your feet

throwing small shells and shining pebbles

on to the gleaming sand, and best of all

a wonderful scent of love and salt and other things

that make you close your eyes and breathe

as deeply as you can of the freshness and joy

of the tide of life!

© MM 6.9.2009

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