Thursday, February 25, 2010

Two Poems

Edge of Space

My creative muse has gone from sight
beyond the boundaries of the known universe
where dark matter and dark energy compete
in galaxy creation beyond the beginnings
of both time and space.

I wait for words to come but there are none
for barren weeks of empty space we'd see
at mere light speed that left the Sun a tiny star
lost among a billiuon others in this one spiral arm
and left us nowhere.

The speed of thought can take me in an instant
to the edge of space, fourteen billion years ago
and in the same moment can format a poem
that, once written down, can last for years.
I'm left with tears.

© Malcolm Miller 10.2.2010

 Many Things

you are so many things to me
actress and beauty
courtesan and scholar
friend and best beloved
sharing with me the books
the programs, the sky and the clouds,
your thoughts and questions,
your knowledge and opinions,
embraces and kisses.

my life seems filled with love,
in everything we do it's there
the conversations, the poems,
the songs, the messages,
the ideas, the romantic dance
of hearts and minds
and the problems that disrupt
our world and which we face
each day as best we can.

© Malcolm Miller 23.2.2019