Monday, June 15, 2009

rendevous in Yass

A rendevous in Yass would be so good;
the chance to hold you close and love you
with my hands and mouth in sweet affection
to kiss your breasts and feet and thighs,
to rest my eager cock upon your belly’s warmth
ready for your parted thighs to invite again
to share your body’s femininity in
intimate caress.
My lips would know your nipples,
my tongue explore your sweetest parts
while you would return love for love
as both of us enjoyed the confirmation
of our affection and our sex in sharing
our trust and our delight in this caress!
As friends we’d fuck for fun
and if t’was less than perfect then we’d laugh
because we know that love like ours
can last for ever. Love holds us both safe
in its embrace and we are free to worship it
with all our hearts, and while we are still able
with our bodies, to reach for heaven
in each other’s arms.

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