Sunday, October 11, 2009

love and joy

love and joy are best to write about
better by far than tales of suburban angst
or aboriginal ghosts bemoaning cruelty of whites.
the sun shines, I have known love, they can’t take that
away from me. I have seen plays that filled
some part of me better than a Christmas dinner,
read poems that spoke or sang to me .
I have travelled , penned like a sheep it’s true,
but to destinations rich in history, art, beauty
and scenes and places only known from literature.
some I knew are gone, have died. I do not mourn;
my time will come, what’s wrong with that?
new worlds of discovery and invention
have opened for my delight, great telescopes
played their part, and questing minds that passed to me
their treasures of new knowledge.
I’ve flown in fragile planes, guiding them myself
my own hands opening the three dimensions,
used ingenious machines of precision and delicacy
to gather information and test the dimensions of the universe.
I’ve lived and been a human among people whom I love.
I can’t imagine any life that’s richer or worth more.

© MM 11.10.2009

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