Sunday, October 18, 2009

Hello, readers, writers, and others!

I am going to include short essays on general and maybe 'philosophical' themes here from now on. I exchange a lot of this kind of material on the closed site of the Erotic Readers and Writers, but I'd like to let a wider audience share my views if they are interested.

As George Bernard Shaw, playwright and critic, once said, "If a man has something to say, the problem is not to make him say it, but to stop him from saying it too often!"

I hope not to fall into that error. But having lived for more than eighty years, I have learned so much that some it it seems worth passing on, if only to help my juniors from the consequences of the same mistakes I've made. Not that making mistakes – and learning from them! – isn't a great way to a better life.

Some people thnk there are no original ideas, but I am not so pessimistic. To write poetry you have to be able to put old words into new combinations. I'm sure the same applies to novels, essays, and other writings.

I've never written a novel or a play, but I have written many varied articles, mainly as a science journalist. I've also been a theatre reviewer for years, as well as an actor. I've had a great life and done many things, from flying in military aircraft to using big telescopes as an astronomer, from being married and divorced twice, from being a grandfather and a great-grandfather, to owning and using a player piano.

I hope I can write something that interests you, the reader, and gives you 'food for thought.'

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  1. Hey, Malcolm,

    How bad am I visiting your blog and just not leaving comments? Well, I like the look of this and your colour scheme, and I like what I've read of the content so far. I must go back further in your archives and catch up.

    Rose ;-)