Sunday, November 8, 2009

not yet ready to go!

Despite referring to 'my Memorial Service' in the poem 'the last laugh', I'm not yet ready to leave, if only because I'm still having such a good time.  As one accumulates more years, two things stand out as important, and equal; they are surviving, and having fun. 

I've had a great deal of fun in my life.  I enjoyed my time in the Air Force, especially as I never fired a gun in anger, and as an astronomer I once told some very weighty scientists at a conference that all the fascinating work that they did and published gave me a lot of pleasure, ie, fun.

At an age I won't mention, I fell in love with a beautiful young actress, and though it has been a relatively chaste love, still it has given me more happiness than most people have in a lifetime.

Writing poetry is fun, and seeing it in print is even more fun.  Theatre is great fun, and when one is able to act on the stage, that's the greatest fun one have have standing up –
well, almost.  And my partner last acted in a wheelchair and didn't have to stand up. 

So life has been good to me so far, and long may it continue the same!

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